HVAC Upgrades for Home Selling in Minnesota

In Minnesota, the cost of home ownership always means taking energy costs into account. For many Minneapolis St. Paul homeowners, the cost of heating and cooling their home may be second only to their monthly mortgage payment in their cost of ownership. Our severe winters and hot, humid summers make energy costs a large factor. For homebuyers, that means paying special attention to the HVAC system of a home they’re considering, among other factors. For home sellers, inadequate or inefficient heating and cooling systems or poor insulation and other factors may reduce the marketability of their home. Some of the issues to consider, whether you’re buying or selling a home, include:

  • Heating Systems – Every Minnesota home has a furnace or some other heating system, usually installed in the home’s basement or crawl space. The type, efficiency, and age of a home’s heating system is a crucial factor for both buyers and sellers. Outdated heating systems, with efficiencies of less than 80%, mean higher costs to heat the home. For buyers, checking the heating system should be a must. A thorough home inspection includes a basic test of the heating system. Most furnaces have a sticker that shows the efficiency rating for that furnace. Some older homes have boilers or steam heat or even what is called an "octopus furnace." These are quite inefficient. For sellers, an older, inefficient furnace can be a serious drawback in marketing and selling their home. If the home’s furnace is nearing time for replacement, replacing it with a modern, high-efficiency furnace is a great upgrade. As licensed agents, we often see properties on the Minnesota MLS with efficient heating systems.
  • Air Conditioning Systems – While there are still a few homes in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area without any air conditioning, most homes have some form of air conditioning. Central air conditioning that works with the home’s furnace and air duct system is the most popular type of air conditioning. As with furnace systems, the efficiency rating or SEER rating of the air conditioning system is an important factor in the cost of cooling the home. The higher the efficiency, the lower the cost. Some homes in the Twin Cities still rely on window air conditioning units. These can work OK, but are not as efficient as central air conditioning and are noisy and unattractive to most homebuyers. Home sellers can make their home more salable and get a better price by upgrading outdated air conditioning systems with modern central air conditioning.
  • Insulation & Weatherproofing – No matter how efficient or modern a heating and air conditioning system is, a poorly insulated home with leaky windows and doors increases energy costs dramatically. Homebuyers should carefully assess these factors, with the help of the home inspector they hire, and should include deficits in either in their thinking about any home they are considering. For sellers, having their energy company perform an energy audit as part of the preparations for selling makes great sense. The audit is relatively inexpensive, and correcting flaws in insulation and weatherproofing will help make your home more marketable. As with all improvements made before selling your home, consider the cost of the improvement and its effect on the selling price of the home. our experienced REMAX listing agents can help you evaluate what the impact of making improvements will be on salability and asking price should you list your home with us on the Minnesota MLS. The decisions are up to you.

Prepare Your Home for Sale with HVAC Upgrades

The seasoned, dedicated REMAX agents of our team are always ready to help both homebuyers and sellers understand all of the factors that go into every real estate transaction. As agent members of Northstar MLS MN, it’s part of our complete service to our clients. For sellers, we don’t just list your property on the Minnesota MLS, we work to help reduce the time your home is on the market and maximize your selling price. Energy considerations are just one of the areas we’ll help you understand. For buyers, our buyer’s agents will help homebuyers evaluate all aspects of a particular home and help provide the information they need to make excellent decisions. In either case, The Minnesota Real Estate Team is 100% dedicated to helping homebuyers and sellers in every step of every transaction. From your initial search of listings with Participants of Northstar MLS of MN on this website to your day of close of escrow, our team is here to help. Contact us today with your real estate questions and to discuss your ideas.