Home Maintenance Tips for Minnesota Home Sellers – Minneapolis St. Paul

As soon as you begin thinking about selling your home and possibly listing it with a local real estate broker onto the Minnesota MLS system, you should take a close look at the home, trying to see it through the eyes of a potential buyer. For most homeowners, some home maintenance chores tend to get put off, neglected, or go unnoticed due to familiarity with the home and other factors. When it’s time to sell, though, you can be sure that potential buyers will notice these conditions. As part of an evaluation of your home, our experienced REMAX listing agents will look at your home with fresh, objective eyes and suggest maintenance tasks that will help make your home more marketable and improve your chances of selling it quickly and at a favorable price. In addition, many sellers hire a home inspector to conduct a thorough inspection of the home, and then correct any deficiencies before showing the home. This step can ward off frustrating complications later in the sale. Some of the common home maintenance projects that can improve your home’s marketability include:

  • Landscaping Maintenance – Lawns often need sprucing up, with fertilization, reseeding, neat edging, and other efforts to improve curb appeal. Plantings around the home, trees, fences and retaining walls may need painting, repair, or cleaning up. All weeds, litter, and unruly growth should be removed, too. Unsightly tree branches should be pruned back. Most of these tasks can be done by the homeowner or by a landscaping, lawn, or tree service.
  • Home Exterior Maintenance – The outside of your home is an important part of its appeal to potential buyers. Siding, the roof, windows, porches, gutters, and all other exterior features should be cleaned up, fixed up, painted, or replaced and made to look their very best. For many homes, washing exterior siding and other finishes can make a huge improvement. All windows should be spotlessly clean, inside and out. Touch up paint on trim and woodwork. Pay special attention to entrances, making them look inviting and flawless. The same applies to separate garages and other outbuildings. Any exterior flaws will be noticed by buyers looking at your home. Again, you can do many of these maintenance jobs yourself, or hire workers. Ask your listing agent for recommendations of trusted service companies.
  • Home Interior Maintenance – After de-cluttering your home, as recommended in our guide to preparing your home for sale, you’re sure to find issues with the home’s interior. In rooms where paint doesn’t look its best, patching and repainting, usually in neutral colors, can make a huge difference. Freshly cleaned or new carpeting, and clean, polished hard-surface floors help make homes sparkle. In kitchens, move and clean under appliances. Look at plumbing fixtures and replace any dingy, outdated, or dirty fixtures in kitchens and baths. Replace anything that is ugly, oddly-colored, or damaged in the home. Consider replacing old switch and outlet covers, cabinet hardware, and door hardware, to update and freshen the look of your home, prior to listing the home for sale on MN MLS.
  • Spruce up Neglected Areas – Garage interiors, basements, decks, patios, and outbuildings are often neglected by homeowners. Potential buyers, however, won’t neglect these areas when looking at your home. Get rid of clutter everywhere, and clean up, fix up, and paint up wherever you see issues. Basement utility rooms need special attention. Clean furnaces, laundry appliances, floors and walls, and clear away all clutter. If your basement is finished, treat it like you would any other living area in the home. Empty garages and outbuildings of all unnecessary items and make them inviting to buyers. Remove cobwebs everywhere in these neglected areas. In other words, make these areas an asset to your home, rather than an afterthought.

The More You Do to Make Your Home Appealing, the Better

Our 75+ experienced REMAX agents have helped thousands of Twin Cities residents buy and sell all types of listings. Our agents are members of Northstar MLS of MN, and we are committed to the success of our clients. Our experience has shown us that the more effort that is put into preparing a home to look its very best and to eliminate visible flaws, the faster the home sells and the higher the actual selling price it achieves. Taking care of maintenance issues that may have been neglected is a crucial part of presenting any home. Potential buyers have keen eyes, and will spot flaws that owners never notice. Finding and eliminating those flaws lets your home make a great impression. Making your home move-in ready helps assure a quick sale at an advantageous price. Our listing agents have the long experience needed to help you assess what things should be done to prepare your home for buyers, and will help you see areas that need work. All of that work will pay off with a faster sale and a better price.

Helping Minnesota Home Sellers Sell Home, Minneapolis St. Paul

The property you’re planning to sell is probably the most valuable property you own. For potential buyers, it is probably the most costly thing they will purchase. Our REMAX agents and Realtors know that presentation of a home is an enormous part of its marketability. Our multi-faceted marketing strategy for homes we list is very successful in bringing potential buyers to your home. In today’s real estate market, buyers have many choices, and are very picky about the appearance of the homes they look at. Your maintenance and preparations for selling your home prior to listing it on the Northstar MLS with a Minnesota Broker are crucial aspects in that sale. Our listing agents are experts in advising sellers about getting their home ready for sale. It’s all part of our commitment to helping both sellers and buyers achieve their goals. Contact us today to discuss selling your home, and for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your home. Let us show you why we’ve been the #1 Real Estate Team in Minnesota for over six years.