Remodeling and Updating Projects that Help Sell Homes Fast

Selling a home in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area means competing in today’s market with many other sellers. Homebuyers have many homes from which to choose in every community in the area, and in all price ranges. Viewing this website alone shows all of the various properties listed with Participants of the Northstar MLS MN. That competition means that buyers are being very selective and are looking for maximum value in any home they buy. Homes in need of updating and remodeling may linger on the market or sell at reduced prices. While that’s always the case, current inventories of existing homes in the Twin Cities metro area make the issue even more important. Our REMAX agents are always aware of buyer’s interests and our MLS listing agents are skilled at helping homeowners find ways to make improvements to their homes that will help sell the home quickly and recover all or most of the costs of the improvements through higher selling prices. Here are some tips that we share with home sellers in our free, no-obligation home evaluations:

  • Projects that Fix Obvious Deficiencies Pay Off – Topping the list of improvement projects that make the difference between a sale and a property that lingers on the market are improvements that correct serious issues in a home. Examples include replacing a visibly worn-out or damaged roof, siding, or drywall in the home. Repairs to water-damaged areas, heaved sidewalks, broken up driveways, and similar glaring deficiencies are essential. Unless you’re willing to sell at a bargain-basement price, major, visible problems need to be taken care of.
  • Upgrading Home Systems – Older MLS listings for sale in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area may have inadequate home systems. Aging electrical systems, for example, can spoil a sale, since homeowner’s insurance companies often won’t insure such homes. Upgrading an old 60-amp fuse box electrical service to a modern 100-amp or larger service will often repay the cost of the upgrade in a higher selling price for the home. Similarly, replacing heating and cooling systems nearing the end of their lives may make the difference between selling and not selling a home.
  • Updating Ugly Areas – That pink, blue, or avocado set of bathroom fixtures, old, worn-out carpeting, or 1950’s era kitchen cabinets may make potential buyers look elsewhere. Modernizing such aspects of your home may improve the home’s salability dramatically, and at a reasonable cost to you.
  • Entrance Upgrades – The entrances to your home are remarkably important in how potential buyers see the home. Replacing exterior doors, hardware, and trim can add dramatically to creating a good first impression on potential buyers, and without breaking the bank. Upgrading worn concrete porches on older homes and installing attractive railings can also improve entrances.
  • Kitchens Are Important – Look closely at your kitchen. Outdated appliances, ugly floors, and unappealing cabinets can be serious drawbacks. A new sheet vinyl or laminate floor, cabinet re-facing, and perhaps a new countertop are reasonable in cost and can give your kitchen a new look. If appliances are included in the sale, replace any that are dirty or worn-looking with new appliances of a grade that matches other fixtures in your home.
  • Baths – The condition of every bathroom in your home is important. Take a close look at each bath and make changes to replace anything that is dingy, odd-looking, or ugly. Professional realtors who show homes see people’s faces when they encounter a problem bathroom, and know when a bathroom can spoil a sale. New bathroom systems that can be installed in a single day may be the solution that makes the sale.
  • Other Areas – If your finished basement includes bedrooms, but has no legal egress method, those bedrooms don’t count in your home’s listing. Adding an approved egress system is an upgrade that pays off in such cases. Similarly, even a half-bath in a finished basement can be a worthwhile addition. If the basement is unfinished, spruce it up as much as you can. Make it look like a great project for the new owner. In garages, adding storage shelves and cabinets to the garage is a big plus, once you’ve cleared away all of the clutter. Such storage systems can be found at very reasonable cost at any home supply outlet.

Remodeling Projects for Home Selling in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

When your listing agent from our top REMAX Realty team evaluates your home, you can count on his or her advice on upgrades and improvements. Long experience with buyer preferences and the impact of various improvements helps them to recommend affordable projects that will enhance your home’s marketability and improve its market value. Only you know how much work and money you’re willing to invest in these projects. Prioritize the potential projects, making the ones that have the biggest impact your top priorities. Again, your MLS listing agent can help you with setting priorities by giving you advice based on experience. Our goals are the same as yours, to sell your home quickly and at the best possible price. If you need recommendations of remodeling contractors, handymen, and others, your agent can recommend trusted professionals.

Helping Home Sellers Realize Their Goals

Our experienced, creative, and professional REMAX listing agents have helped thousands of homeowners with every aspect of selling their homes. Suggesting ways that sellers can minimize the time a home is on the market and maximize the selling price is an important part of their job. As agent members of Northstar MLS, your listing agent can find creative ways to improve the marketability of your home, based on their extensive experience. They know what motivates buyers and what puts buyers off. Of course as licensed realtors, we have the ability to access the Minnesota MLS and list your property onto RMLS. The decisions are yours, of course, in every area, and your agent will help you make decisions by providing the information you need. Contact us as soon as you’re considering selling your home, and let us provide a free, no-obligation home market evaluation. Let us show you how experience, creativity, and our proven marketing strategy can work for you.