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MN MLS Listings Every year, thousands of Minnesota homeowners buy second homes for many reasons. At our top REMAX team, we’ve helped homeowners add additional homes to their lives and expand their horizons. It’s one of the ways we work with our clients to form long-term relationships that go beyond just buying and selling individual homes listed on Minnesota MLS. From lakefront cabins and getaway homes to income-producing rental homes and more, current conditions in the real estate market, both in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area and beyond, have made buying a second home more affordable and simpler than ever before. Some of the reasons for buying a second home include:

  • Vacation Homes – Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life in the cities is a common goal for many Twin City homeowners. From a modest cabin on one of Minnesota’s beautiful lakes to a condo in the northern part of the state, owning your own getaway home can make vacations even more enjoyable. For many families, such homes become a tradition that continues from generation to generation and helps build strong family bonds. In many cases, such vacation homes can also be rented out when not in use by the family, helping to offset the cost of ownership.
  • Getaway or Retirement Homes – For homeowners in other parts of the country, buying a vacation or second home in Minnesota is a popular way to enjoy our state’s recreational and vacation opportunities. Our REMAX agents helped many out-of-state clients find and purchase second homes in Minnesota. In other cases, Minnesotans who are retired often own homes in two states, spending winters in a warmer climate, while still enjoying our spring and summer weather in a cozy home in Minnesota.
  • Rental Homes – Investing in the housing market is investing in the future. For many homeowners, buying one or more additional homes as an investment makes great sense. By renting out these homes, they have a positive cash flow from their investment, along with the appreciation of value over time that real estate has always seen over the long term. Our seasoned REMAX Realtors have specialist agents who can help homeowners find and purchase properties that will satisfy both needs. Our licensed realtors who are active members of Northstar MLS have unlimited access to the Minnesota MLS database, and we are here to help you with all of your searching.
  • College Homes – A growing trend that savvy homeowners have understood for years is to buy a second home in the area where college-aged offspring will study. Since college housing costs are so high, having a son or daughter living in a home in the Twin Cities while attending school can be a great idea. Renting space in that home to other college students who will be roommates can defray most of the housing costs for the owner’s own college students, as well. If you live away from the Minneapolis St. Paul area, but your college student will be attending one of the many colleges and universities here, it’s worth considering this possibility. Our agents helped many families find and purchase homes for their students, near the college they attend. Then, when college is done, the home can be a rental home or be sold, usually at a profit.

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As the #1 Real Estate Team in Minnesota, we take a great deal of pride from helping clients find and purchase second homes for any purpose. We understand the possibilities and will put our creative and experienced team to work helping you find an ideal solution. From our Minnesota Real Estate Listings search tools, which let you explore and preview home listed throughout Minnesota by participants of Northstar MLS of Minnesota, to our dedication to helping every client find home that match their ideas, we can help you with any real estate need. If you’re thinking about buying a second home, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Have one of our licensed agents who are members of Northstar MLS, help you with your search by using your specifications and ideas to find homes for you to see. Or of course continue to search Minnesota listings on this website at any time. Please know our team would love to help you realize your second home dreams.